Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dried Fruit Types

By Joshua Adekane

You must snack on some dried fruits if you only want to eat something tasty and nutritious. All the flavors and nutrients are retained when the fruit is dehydrated and an ounce of nutrients greatly increases. However, be extra careful if you have diabetes because the sugar content also goes up when the fruit is dehydrated. Dried fruits can withstand long storage but there are also a few that cannot. Dehydrated fruits are found everywhere; you only have to take your pick to know each one's flavor and the nutritional benefits you derive from them. In addition, you can get your kids to like fruits too.

The Dried Apple

An apple chip is one example of a fruit that may be dried. A dried apple has its core removed before the process. These dried apple chips retain their delicate texture and taste. Since dried fruits are rich in dietary fibers, they may be used to sprinkle baked products like cakes and muffins. Use them as a tasteful addition to oatmeal too. They may also be eaten as snacks and even school lunches. Moreover, fruits may be dried out in the open and are sometimes used as air fresheners and DIY decorations. Wholesale dried fruits must be stored in dark and tight containers to last for a longer period.

The Dried Apricot

This is one of the really sweet dried fruits with great taste too. Apricots are chewy when dried and are good sources of potassium and fiber as well as vitamin A. Apricots are also good additions to cakes, muffins and ice cream. Apricots are enjoyed by people who love to hike or because they prevent cramps and are easy to bring. They make good additions to the lunch box too. They are consumed for their high nutritional attributes. You don't have to freeze them to make them last longer.

The Dried Cranberry

Recently, cranberries have also been dried and have enjoyed their popularity since they are very nutritious despite their sizes. They are altogether sweet and sour tasting but are lower in sugar than some of the other dried fruit choices so they can be enjoyed by themselves by the handful or they can easily be combined with different types of dried fruits too. Stored in a tight holder they will last for a few weeks or more. They are great add ons to baked muffins or included to your plain pancake batter. They make a great granola addition too. Because of the tartness a few may be added so check the listing to guarantee you aren't receiving extra added sugar in this treat.

The Dried Pineapple

With this dried fruit you get a good burst of pineapple so you may well want to bundle it with other dried fruits when you purchase your bulk peanuts. Available in different forms it's a good source of fiber. Check for additional sugar before shopping for a package.

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