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Best eating tips for rapid weight loss: Lose 10 lbs in two weeks!

By Nora Adams

Perhaps, you are a very busy person who is feeling the desperate need to shed some weight real fast but working out at the gym is not an option for your tight schedule. What you need now is some simple best eating tips to help you achieve rapid weight loss like 10 pounds in two weeks without doing any exercise. It is true to say that rapid weight loss based on diet alone is somehow difficult. But, keep on reading my article below and you'll find out exactly the 5 best eating tips that will show you how to lose weight rapidly!

1) Drink five liters of water daily.

Yes, drinking water can help you lose so much more weight than you can ever imagine. It burns calories, regulates the metabolism rate and helps your body in every aspect. Some people say to drink warm to even hot water so that it may help dissolve the lipids faster while some people recommend cold water in hopes that your body will have to burn more energy to raise the water temp to your body temp. I say, it doesn't really matter. Just make sure you drink at least five liters of water per day and your dream rapid weight loss is guaranteed.

2) Include more raw vegetables and fruits in your diet.

The big problem we usually have when we are on a diet is our TUMMY. It twists so much out of hunger that we feel uncomfortable all the time! What are the things that you can eat a lot and still lose weight? Vegetables and fruits! Eat as many varieties of vegetables and fruits as much as you can. Choose those with more fibers to help you lose weight even faster. It is generally a great idea to have huge bowl of vegies salads before each meal to help you eat less of high calorie content food.

3) Eat less, chew longer and lose weight rapidly.

It is pretty obvious that you should eat less than the normal amount you are used to eating when you are on a diet. Reduce each meal to half if you can and eat super slowly. Chew longer and drink water or green tea occasionally during meal. Doing so will give you satisfaction and a sense of fullness in your stomach.

4) Snacks are dangerous.

Usually, it is really tempting to swap your breakfast for a quick snack during your daily diet. It is such a mistake. Snacks may contain low calorie but once you start having snacks, you just can't help but more and taking in more calories than you intend to. And, as a result, you gain some extra pounds. So, a general rule of thumb for a good diet plan is three meals per day and no snacks AT ALL.

5) Choose food wisely.

Perhaps, this one is the most important tip mentioned here. You need to choose food wisely. Start choosing skim milk over whole milk. Avoid beef and pork at all times and pick chicken as eating chicken makes your body to burn more energy and doesn't have those bad fat beef and pork do. Don't eat smashed potato or any potato related products or any other starchy and sugary food. I can go on with this list but I think you've got the general idea to choose food with lowest calorie content. Be aware of those healthy options out there for you other than those normal calorie rich types of food you eat.

It is never an easy task to lose weight rapidly. No pain, no gain! Just think about the fabulous things that you can do with your slim body and it will give you motivation to plan your diet! Many people have successfully lost a lot of weight in a short time and so can you! Just change your eating habits accordingly and just as promised, you can lose 10 lbs in two weeks! There actually is a diet e-book that helps people specifically with their diet plan. It is a great book for people who just rely on dieting alone to lose weight and it contains very helpful information. If you want more information on that, you can refer to my author resource box and you will see the link to it. I hope you have enjoyed my best eating tips for rapid weight loss above and I wish you luck in your weight loss endeavors!

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