Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Are Triglycerides And Should I Reduce Them?

By Ben Mester

Triglyceride is a word that I've been hearing lots about recently. Triglycerides are the body's preferred method of fat storage. It's a combination of three separate fat molecules, therefore the tri in triglyceride. It's a very efficient method for storing energy and the body both makes and utilizes many different sorts of triglycerides.

Some persons aren't sure whether they ought to try to reduce levels of triglycerides in their body. That question actually just depends upon other factors, for example your weight and cholesterol levels. Triglycerides, by themselves, haven't really been shown to have negative complications, unless in huge quantities. They are more of an indicator. People with high triglyceride levels are usually also likelier to have coronary heart problems as well.

It's a little known fact though that some kinds of triglycerides can actually stimulate the body to burn more fat. But wait, how's that possible? How can fat prompt the body to burn more fat. There's a kind of triglyceride called a medium chain triglyceride that the body prefers to burn instead of store. If you consume medium chain triglycerides, the body typically burns them right away for energy instead of store them.

Medium chain triglycerides are easy for the body to process and use for fuel, and this metabolism also causes a thermogenic reaction in the body as well , meaning that your body temperature actually rises, which then typically boosts the overall metabolism too. Thermogenic fat burners are becoming very popular these days.

So before you go wanting to cut triglycerides totally out of your diet, do a bit more research on the different sorts of triglycerides. You may find that you want to actually increase your intake of particular types of triglycerides, while at the same time limiting your consumption of other kinds. Triglyceride metabolism differs significantly depending on the type, so doing your research is really important for understanding them.

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