Friday, September 23, 2011

The Things You Should Know About Hormetic Conditions

By Lori Guerra

When you say hormesis, it refers to your responses to stress causing agents and low exposures to a pollutant and toxins. When you are exposed largely, or when there is a large dose of exposure to toxins, the effects would be different as to small dose exposures. Hormetic conditions can be affected by several factors and these factors will all be presented in this article.

The science of toxicology has studied the dose and response curves of toxins once ingested or absorbed in the body. Hormesis takes place when there is low toxin doses and high doses of inhibitions. The mechanism of the said condition has not yet fully understood and this is the reason why a lot of researches are being done today about this topic. The main goal is to completely understand the mechanisms in order to apply this for other studies.

Researchers conjectured that whenever a low dose of toxins gets into the body, or any other pollutants that are absorbed in the body, there is an activation in the repair systems. These systems will repair not only the damaged areas caused by toxins but also those damages that were not previously repaired.

The drugs and other medicines that you take are effective at the right dosage. But when it is lower than the right one, it becomes less effective and if it s higher, it becomes harmful. So the effects best manifest at intermediate dosages.

When you do physical exercise, you actually get a lot of benefits. But this is only if you do it regularly. If you do not do any physical exercises then you are prone to some diseases but if you also over does this, you also have the chance to get negative effects. The result whenever you have intermediate exercise is positive and this can be considered hormesis.

Hormetic conditions are extensively being studied by a lot of research institutions especially now that there are speculations about its application to aging. It has been proposed that an organism must be exposed to mild stress in order for it to adapt and create a response with several positive biological effects. Read more about: hormetic

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