Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goal Setting and Sports

By Logan Christopher

If you do not have a particular goal, then you're principally wasting your time. When you have a concrete goal with an overwhelming desire behind it then everything you do towards that aim will be much more effective. Just by setting the goal you are ten times as sure to hit it.

Have you heard of SMART goals? This is an acronym that stands for five important pieces of goal setting.


Is you goal specific? The simple question to ask yourself if will you know the exact moment you have completed your goal? If your answer's yes, great. If its no, then your goal is not specific, and you won't know the right actions to take to hit it.


Is your goal quantifiable? How will you know when you are closer to your goal then you are now? If you can measure it you can track your results. And with tracking comes improvement.


Is your goal actionable? Is this a goal you can do something on? Is it something that is within your powers of control? If it is then you can handle it and it creates a good goal. If not, you can't do much about it so don't waste your time on it.


Is your goal pragmatic? Is it something you can realistically do? If you are 300 lbs. overweight and want to go into the Olympics next year, I am sorry chum, you do not have a chance, unless they make eating an Olympic sport. Whatever it is it has to be pragmatic to you in your consciousness.

Time sensitive

Is you goal time sensitive? This suggests has it got a deadline. When you set a cut off point you significantly speed up the method of your achievement of that goal. Without a deadline your feat can just move further and further away.

If you cover these five points when for any exercise or sport related goals you have you'll achieve much more.

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