Friday, September 30, 2011

The Little Known Relationship Between Dietary Fat and Bodybuilding

By Athena Hunter

According to conventional wisdom, dietary fat has long been the enemy of the serious body builder. Long the scorn of fitness enthusiasts, dietary fat is getting a chance at redemption thanks to new research.

There are probably hundreds of biochemical reasons why the right kinds of dietary fats are so important for optimal health. Think of molecules as built from small components, and fat is often an important building block. As a case in point, the performance and operations of hormones is provided by their chemical individuality. An essential part of hormones is fat, which is quite essential for bodybuilders. Not as many people are knowledgeable about certain hormones that can be really helpful with muscle maturity, as they are knowledgeable about the vitality of protein for muscles. It is the hormones that are created with fat based molecules that have hegemony over the amino acids which play a major role in enlarging your muscles.

All bodybuilders wishing to gain mass should know about EFA's or essential fatty acids and how important EFA's are to reaching your goals. How much fat you consume per day may play a role in adding more muscle mass. If you have been trying to build muscle mass and aren't getting the desired results, then it's time to incorporate more essential fatty acids. Increasing your intake of EFA's may result in an increase in muscle tissue and a decrease in muscle breakdown. Contrary to what you may believe, many bodybuilders have seen noticeable improvements by upping their EFA's. Conventional thought would be to add more protein and reduce fat intake, but this isn't always effective or what your body needs.

The bodybuilder that fails to get educated is only making progress more difficult. Research tells us that we would be much better served by including moderate amounts of the right kinds of fats as part of a balanced diet. First and foremost, that is the most important thing to remember when talking about how to drive muscle development and maintain overall health.

Bodybuilders and couch potatoes alike all need the correct ratio of healthy fats in their diets. Saturated fats often plague the diets of people in the US because they are contained in many processed foods.

Increasing caloric intake maybe necessary to build mass. One option would be to incorporate some fat into your diet. If you have totally eliminated saturated fat, then you do need some so you can add some there. Incorporating more essential fatty acids is also another method of increasing the amount of calories you are consuming. Adding just one tablespoon of flax seed to your daily routine is a simple way to increase your calories consumed by 120 calories per day. There are many reasons why you will want to incorporate a small amount of saturated fats into your diet as well, so don't forget to include them. If you are just starting out with bodybuilding, dietary fat intake is critical due to the added stress placed on your body. Therefore, use quality information sources to educate yourself. The degree to which you are earnest about the sport will determine your knowledge set. Dedication does not mean you must compete: that is up to you. However, creating the body you covet should be done effectually.

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