Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top 6 Nutritional Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Lose Weight

By Katherine Crawford

It seems as though nutrition has become more complicated than ever for the modern day woman. You see, not only is research ambiguous, but savvy marketers have flooded the information highways with snake oil products.

Have you been struggling with finding the right source of nutrition information?

Thus, here are the top 6 nutritional mistakes women make:

1. Not eating before training: Having some food before training will not prevent you from burning fat. On the contrary, you will actually burn more fat by eating something before your workout. Just make sure it's a slow digesting carbohydrate source.

2. Restricting carbs too much: Too many carbs hinder weight loss efforts, but too few carbs can also hinder progress. So don't completely cut out carbs from your diet. Not only will this be extremely difficult on your system, but it will reduce calories burned.

3. Relying too heavily on supplements: Meal replacements and protein powders will never be good substitutes for whole food. It's all about slow digestion rates, and whole food will always come out on top here. So make sure you only use supplements in emergencies.

4. Waiting too long after a training session to eat: Immediately after a workout is the only time, in my opinion, that you should have a protein shake with carbs. The reason being that high body temperatures post-workout blunt the hunger drive, yet you need nutrients ASAP.

5. Sporadic hydration: Drinking large quantities of water sporadically is not the best way to hydrate your body. Instead, strive to drink small amounts of water consistently throughout the day. And keep in mind how active you are and how hot it is. Both of these factors can dehydrate you very quickly.

6. Having too small a breakfast: If your breakfast isn't the biggest and most nutritious meal of your day, your metabolism will suffer. Even worse, skipping breakfast messes up the way you digest food for the rest of the day.

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