Friday, September 30, 2011

Various Adult Asthma Tulsa Symptoms

By Gladys Holland

If you have asthma Tulsa it means that there is something wrong with your respiratory system. This is a recurring disease of the lungs and it has to do with the blocking of the airways. There are several factors which cause mild symptoms of this condition. Severe symptoms are a cause for concern while mild indications can be very frustrating.

Allergens are the major triggers of the symptoms. Some of the common allergens are pollen, animal dander and dust. There are several symptoms which people who have this ailment experience regularly. You can experience wheezing. This normally starts when you are having the attack. When a person is wheezing, he or she produces a distinct sound while breathing out.

Chest pain is another common indication of this ailment. The chest pains can be very severe or they can just be mild. The level of pain must not be associated with the level of the attack. Sweating prolifically is another symptom of asthma. This usually happens just before the attack. The chest area also tends to constrict when you are having an episode.

Such tightness of the chest should not be taken lightly because you could be at the brink of having a serious attack. You might also experience shortness of breath. This symptom should also be a cause of concern because you could be at risk of having a serious episode.

Another usual indicator is a dry cough and it can be very painful. It is mostly an issue during the night because it can disturb your sleeping patterns. Sometimes you can also feel your neck muscles tightening. Such tightening usually makes it hard to speak.

It is very normal for your heart rate to increase during an episode. These asthma Tulsa indications are typical in adults. You can have a mild or a severe attack. Either way you need to ensure that you act fast once you start experiencing the symptoms.

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