Thursday, September 22, 2011

Juicing Diet: Definitely Better Than Water Fasting

By Welch Hagerty

A juicing diet is doubtless one of the well-liked diets that are introduced in the present day's generation because not merely will you shed one or two pounds by going through with this diet but you are also buttressing your immune response along the way.

Before the juicing diet, a diet called the water fast was the one which a lot of folk had tried to do but the results of this diet for some wasn't that great.

For people that failed to know water fasting is a diet process where you may remove yourself from all solid food and just drink water for the duration of the fast. If you concentrate on it, you could say this can actually help you in losing some weight because you're not really eating anything which will lead you to get fatter but that is actually where the problem lies.

You see, by not having anything you body isn't getting the nutriments and it needs to function properly and we all know that all comprehensive diet programs can't truly work with no exercising but how are you going to exercise and exert a little effort when you're simply too puny by not eating anything?

This is the difficulty the juicing diet solves.

You see, the theory of a juice fast plan is actually like the water fast in a way that you're going to not eat anything solid for a couple of days but the one great thing about a juicing diet is the indisputable fact that it'll give you body what it really needs to function correctly.

Even if you're not really eating anything since your drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice you are still giving your body what it needs. So regardless of if you do endure this diet, because of the many nutriments and minerals that the fruit or vegetable juice gives you will still function as if you're not on any diet plan.

Another great thing about the juicing diet is the fact that it is actually a detox diet plan suggesting that by going thru with this diet you're really detoxifying or cleaning your body from all those toxins that can have accumulated in your body.

It is also very easy to start with juicing, all you may actually need is a juicer that you can trust, and some fruit and veg and that is it. You're now prepared to form great tasting juices.

You can make your own juice fasting recipes or even vegetable juice recipes if you'd like. You can get some recipes by buying a good juice cooking book or simply by researching in the net.

Another advantage of a juicing diet is that it does not have to be boring or bland. When you get a warm feeling for your juicing diet, you'll realize what it does for your body and what it doesn't. You notice what combos of fruits and vegetables you like. The juicing diet helps to make it simpler to stick to a diet because it doesn't feel a bit like you are continually punishing and depriving your belly.

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