Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cure Scabies Steps You Need To Follow

By Carroll Mingioni

Scabies are a common skin condition that affects men, women, children, and grandparents. They are recognised by intense itching in particular parts of the body, and are caught via being in contact with a person who already has scabies.

What brings on scabies are mites that go through your skin to lay their eggs. Once eggs have hatched, the mites' feces creates small, red blisters on the skin's surface. The little mites under your skin wreak havoc and create more small red blisters on the surface if they are not stopped immediately.

Scratching the blisters created by these little creatures will infect them because the bacteria will be able to penetrate your skin once the blisters are scratched. But there is a cure for scabies if you think the itching is unbearable.

The cure for scabies can be either natural or the application of certain medicines.

It is better to use the natural way as a cure for scabies because you will not need to use a chemically induced medicine on your skin that can lead to irritation. But be mindful of the natural products you will use because they are not all effective. Following we will give you all the natural healing treatments that we know can cure scabies.

The mixture of witch hazel and tea tree oil can be used as a lotion to treat scabies. This lotion provides a healing affect and can be used after you shower.

Pure lavender oil is also an effective cure for scabies. Blend a drop of alcohol with the necessary amount of pure lavender oil and put it on all the areas containing scabies. If applied regularly, the oil and alcohol, thanks to their natural components, will help against the symptoms of scabies. Along with the treatment of scabies; eggs and mites also killed due to the ingredients in the mixture.

Neem oil helps control a scabies outbreak. The eggs and mites that cause scabies can be killed by the botanical pesticide Neem oil. You can use neem oil when you bathe or apply it like a lotion on the affected parts. To help kill mites and eggs and alleviate the symptoms of scabies, combine 50 grams of neem oil with turmeric to create an antiseptic cream.

One more home remedy for scabies is cold bathing. If you are suffering from scabies you should know that cool or cold water will not cure them but it will help you if you are suffering from them feeling itchy.

You may also talk with a physician to see what types of lotions or creams work well in scabies relief. Your doctor will prescribe a cream or lotion for your scabies.

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