Friday, September 16, 2011

Foods That Are Helpful To Your Heart

By Rachel Taylor

You already know that you need to have a healthy heart. After all, if your heart is in bad shape then the rest of you isn't going to be healthy too. You already understand that regular workout and a healthy lifestyle are vital in terms of the general health of your heart. Still, did you know that there are a number of foods that have been found to help you improve your heart health? Today, you will find out which foods are great for your heart.

Beans--seriously--are super beneficial for your heart. It's true that your nose won't appreciate them so much, especially the after effects of eating beans, but they're extremely healthy food items. This doesn't mean that simply eating beans will counteract the effects of other unhealthy foods you might be eating. What this means is that substituting in edamame or kidney beans for the chicken on your salad or consuming a veggie burger in place of the hamburger is what you should do. The good news is that beans are tasty--good enough that you are likely to not miss consuming beef or chicken.

Know that your heart can benefit if you eat blueberries. Fact: Blueberries are high in antioxidants, especially pterostilbene. Pterostilbene works in a similar way as the resveratrol you will find in grapes. This particular antioxidant helps the body be better at processing cholesterol as well as fats. When your body is efficient at breaking down these things, they aren't going to clog your body and or cause problems for your heart. What that means is that it helps keep your heart as healthy as it can be.

Know that fish is just about the healthiest food you can eat. You probably know this since you've in all probability been told to see to it that you consume fish at least twice a week. This is especially true for people suffering from heart problems or are concerned that their hearts are unhealthy. Fish is rich in Omega 3's which work to process cholesterol and transform it into healthy energy. Include fish in two meals every week.

Have you heard the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? The truth is that apples have plenty of great stuff in them to help keep your heart in good condition. Apples have high soluble fiber content and this soluble fiber works as a scrubber on your artery walls, keeping the cholesterol from taking hold and causing blockages. The truth is that eating just one Red Delicious apple daily can trigger as much as an eight percent fall in your LDL levels. That's a terrific number if you're endeavoring to improve your heart health!

There are a whole lot of foods that you can consume that will be beneficial for your body. It's true that every food mentioned in this article can help your body in many ways. They are especially terrific, though, for making your heart healthy as it possibly can. Try introducing these heart-healthy foods into your diet regularly. Your heart will be a lot better if you do!

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