Friday, September 16, 2011

Finding a HCG Plan Doctor

By John Quest

When looking to take part of the HCG Diet craze that appears to be sweeping the country people want to find out just how they can go about beginning this diet. Hopefully they have done their research and realize that it may help them to lose weight, but there are numerous downsides to this diet. Nonetheless for the ones that are devoted to starting the diet, the best information you can take to heart is to see a doctor that specialises in weight control and commends the HCG Diet since they can ensure that your fitness does not decline while on the diet.

Every doctor has his or her own approach to the HCG Diet and they customarily modify this replying to how much weight the patient needs to lose. For those that are not very chunky, they may only advocate that the person stay on the diet for two weeks rather than an entire month, while with others they may suggest longer. Plus, they also tweak the calories intake for many patients depending upon their diet wants. You'll find a doctor in your area by researching weigh loss clinics and 9 times out of 10 these hospitals have doctors on staff that deal exclusively with the HCG Diet and can be your way into getting aboard the HCG diet train.

Preparing for the HCG Diet

Preparing yourself for the HCG Diet involves seeing your health practitioner to chat about the HCG Diet option. Once the doctor agrees with you it is a diet that might work for you, then the doctor will start the preparation process. The process starts with blood tests in order to confirm you're a good candidate for the HCG Diet. What exactly are the blood tests attempting to find? Fundamentally the doctor just wants to make sure that you are in sound health and that your body can handle the diet since it is rather harsh on the body.

Once the blood tests are confirmed then the doctor will give the HCG drops, the doctor may instruct the patient on the right way to inject themselves so they do not have to come into the office everyday for the injections, or they may simply suggest the drops that are taken by mouth. In either situation, it's important to follow the directions absolutely so you do not mess up your chances of losing weight. Preparing yourself mentally is going to take time before starting the HCG Diet. As an example, knowing that you are going to be hungry for the initial few days is to be expected, this is when you're going to feel like cheating on the diet nevertheless , for it to work, you have to be sure to adhere to it.

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