Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Truth Concerning The Best Time To Exercise

By Bojen Makhob

This is a fascinating question you'll want to know the answer to. Many researchers have said that mid evening near 6pm is the best time for exercise. This happens to be the best time because your body is more conducive to exercise in the early to late evening. The culture of our society however almost demands that we exercise in the morning. The legitamacy of this statement is backed up by many surveys and research studies. Convenience is the main reason we tend to choose morning workouts. Not too often we can fit a workout into a breaktime or lunch time. See below for some interesting points about the best time to exercise.

Assuming that you wake up around six or seven o'clock in the morning.

If your schedule is constantly changing it can be difficult to set a workout schedule that works for you. When you work days you can work out at night after work.

Regardless of what schedule you choose your body will no doubt adapt. Even if you are working out hard such as weight training, or running 10 miles in the morning - you can adapt to it. Be patient but keep at it and soon you'll notice that your body resists less.

This is the only way to succeed.

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