Friday, September 30, 2011

Weightloss and Muscle Building with Exercise, Diet and a High Quality Whey Protein

By Andrew Lee

If you are interested in loosing fat and increasing muscle then incorporating a high quality whey protein to your workout and nutrition regimen is one of the absolute best things you could do. Let's discuss exercise first.

Training: The best form of exercise you can do for weight-loss and muscle building is a mixture of cardiovascular interval training workouts and weight training. My personal preference for strength training is performing a single set per body part to failure. This is know as High Intensity Training. My liking for cardio exercising is recognized by many distinct names: cardiovascular intervals, burst training or High Intensity Interval training workouts.

A simple and highly effective way to train can be as follows: H.I.T. one day a week. You want to do 3 to 5 compound exercises that train your entire body. Perform one set of each exercise to failure. You should attain failure within 10-20 reps. You just have to do this weekly. For cardiovascular, it is best to perform Burst Training. Perform 10 minutes of Burst Training 2-3 times a week.

In most cases when you're concerned with losing weight and gaining muscle, it's best to exercise in a fasted state. Exercising in the fasted state will increase key hormones that assist the muscle building and weight loss you're wanting to accomplish.

Diet: Eat a whole food diet, including plenty of good fats, high quality protein and low-glycemic fruit and veggies. Try to eat as many raw vegetables as possible. Stay clear of refined food, sweets, excessive grain consumption and trans fats.

High Quality Whey Protein: Incorporating an exceptional whey protein to your diet will help you in your fat loss and muscle building efforts. It contains every one of the amino acids you need to repair and reconstruct your body, and it is quickly assimilated. A high quality whey protein concentrate will also contain fat burning elements such as CLA along with the body building ingredients.

It is recommended to consume whey protein on a daily basis, and it's important to take whey protein following an exercise session. Right after a workout, you've got a 30 minute window to supply your body with the protein it needs. Whey protein is the best selection for a post training protein source.

In summary: A simple and highly effective strategy for loosing excess weight and toning up is to conduct high intensity weight training once weekly, perform burst training 2-3 times every week, taking in a wholesome and nutritious diet, and consuming a high quality whey protein every day especially right after exercising.

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