Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All About Gracie Jiu Jitsu

By Bonnie Duran

You can learn several values from practicing Gracie jiu jitsu. Some of the best values are respect, self-worth, and self-discipline. Practitioners of BJJ is required to follow the set of ethics in order to maintain peace within the team. Understanding its core principles is important so it is best that you take time in choosing a combat school.

Parents who are encouraging their children to attend BJJ class will help them build stronger body, self confidence, and good discipline. Children are helped to reduce or eliminate sedentary entertainment and unproductive activities such as PlayStation, internet games, and television shows.

Your children will maintain a fit body because of strict diet and rigorous training exercise. This is a total goodbye to obesity problems. Learning BJJ at young age will enhance a balanced and stronger physique. Take note that ground fighting is in its advantage when on the ground. Practitioners can perform different techniques such as compression locks, joint locks, opponent immobilizing, and chokeholds.

Good takedowns, perfect execution of immobilizing holds, and position maintenance are just the main key for winning. Popular ground techniques that you can witness in cage fights are wrist lock, armbar, ankle lock, chokes, and kimura. Opponents tap because of intolerable pain and thus admitting defeat.

The growing Ultimate Fighting Championship have several elite ground fighters who do not hesitate to break opponent's leg or arm. Tapping and proper referee stoppage must be done to avoid serious injuries.

Because of the fast development of BJJ, it became successful as part of mixed martial art tournaments. To become a good grappler, large body and muscles are not required. Technique really play a huge part of every game.

Correct leverage, technique application, balance, and position are main keys for elite Gracie jiu jitsu. Go online to check out the instructors and their professional backgrounds. Search the best school for better learning. Read more about: gracie jiu jitsu

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