Friday, October 14, 2011

Tips On How To Choose Make Up For Sensitive Skin

By Kelley Vazquez

Help is available when choosing make up for sensitive skin. A person can get the best results by keeping their routine light and simple. Knowing what to look for and what to avoid in products is important. Below is information that can be useful to anyone.

First, read the labels. Hypoallergenic or fragrance free should not cause any irritation. Products labeled as unscented can contain chemicals that mask the fragrance of the product and will cause irritation.

Each night use a cleanser that contains no fragrances or deodorants. Wash the neck and face. Also before bed and during the day, use a light moisturizer that has a sunscreen rated at least SPF 15 for protection from the sun.

Products can spoil or go bad. If it looks odd or smells bad throw it away. Same for any that has gone past the expiration date on the label. Using a light powder and oil free foundation will be best for avoiding irritation.

Stay away from liquid liners because they contain latex which many people are allergic to. It is also better to use black eyeliner pencils and mascara because they have the least amount of irritants. Dark eye shadows are different. The dark colors require more pigmentation which can clog the pores.

It is a good idea to do a patch test when trying a new product. The ears, the skin on the underside of the wrist and elbow are good spots to test. If there is no irritation or redness within twenty-four hours, it should be alright to continue use.

Choose products with ten or less ingredients to reduce the chances of irritating ingredients. Remember to read labels before purchasing products and at home for expiration dates. However, if a person still has an adverse reaction, consult a dermatologist or health care provider for suggestions on choosing make up for sensitive skin.

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