Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snack Advice for Healthy Eating

By Greg White

Whether or not you are following a diet to lose weight or just trying to enhance your eating habits, you may have a common difficulty with lots of other people, and that's what to eat for snacks that won't ruin your healthy eating lifestyle. Today is your fortunate day; we have assembled a handy healthy snacks list below. Print it, hang a copy on your refrigerator and carry a copy with you for simple reference the next time you are not sure what to eat for a healthy snack just reference the list.

1) A hard boiled egg

2) Fresh fruit

3) Lean turkey or chicken slices

4) High in fiber cereal and skim milk

5) Low-fat yogurt

6) Nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts)

7) Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)

8) Smoked salmon

9) Sliced raw veggies

10) Baked apples

11) Fruit salad

12) Veggie juice

13) Fruit smoothie

14) Home-made apple sauce

15) Low-fat cheese

16) Little whole grain bagel with fat free cream cheese

17) Multi grain crackers with peanut butter

18) Veggie salad with low-fat dressing

19) Regular sized homemade bran muffin

20) Pita chips and hummus

21) Popcorn

22) Rice cakes (plain or flavored)

23) No sugar hot chocolate

24) Sliced avocado

25) Canned tuna

This isn't by any means a complete healthy snacks list. Actually it's only the start!

Here is a great hint which will give you unending ideas for healthy snacks: think about foods you would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and just eat them in smaller portions or serve them in alternative ways. Snacks are nothing more than mini-meals. Select foods with great health properties and eat little portions of them.

Here's another great hint: think about fattening snacks that you used to enjoy and discover a way to make them healthier. For instance, potato chips and sour cream dip can be transformed into baked pita chips and hummus; chocolate cookies can be transformed into cocoa bran muffins. Get inspired! There are such a lot of savory options for healthy snacks that you never need to feel deprived or confused about what to eat.

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