Monday, October 24, 2011

The Versatility Of HCG Diet Plan

By James Lofton

I started the hcg diet with many pals just lately and it's impressive how we all succeeded with it together with distinct technique. One male pal shed his 35 pounds inside two 23 day rounds.

He has kept it off adhering strictly to the Phase 3 which disallows sugar or starch. He is slowly adding these in and maintaining. This fellow had the time to cook, and perfected some hcg recipes, especially soups.

Another girlfriend who I'm quite proud of has lost 60 pounds and counting having just finished her second 43 day round. She also has followed Phase 2 and 3 of the HCG diet strictly. She has a weakness for milk in her coffee, so she lessened some of her other allowed protein in order to maintain this luxury.

She is not a big fruit eater and sometimes went without her fruits, but ate heavy on the vegetables. Being on the run, she managed daily with cherry tomatoes, celery, and boiled chicken in baggies with the blue freezer 'ice' in a small cooler in her car.

I however haven't been in such a hurry to reduce my fat and have been stringent just at the time of two 23 days Stage 2's. I dropped 20 and 17 pounds respectively over these. I discovered I'd difficulty consuming just one breadstick for each mealtime and so I averted all these completely.

I survived mainly by spicing and grilling the meat and large pink grapefruits. I also did not follow the Phase 3 maintenance phase at all, being on travel, and eating all the starch and sugar I wanted.

I regained 4 pounds after each Phase 2. I may be playing with fire, but so far so good. I waited six weeks between Phase 2 rounds, and hope to lose my final 10 pounds in one more round when I have no travel planned.

Despite the fact that the hcg diet is actually rigid, it does permit versatility within life styles as well as varying preferences. All of us got hcg sublingually.

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