Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bread On Glycemic Index Chart

By John Roberts

Most people want bread for breakfast and because of this, bakers were always making different kinds it like specialty and gourmet bread. But diabetic patients opt not to eat bread because what they knew was that it could cause their blood sugar level to rise. They should not worry about eating bread anymore, they just need read and learn about this bread glycemic index (GI) chart.

Bread glycemic chart is a tool that everybody can use, most especially the diabetic persons to be their guide in their diet in maintaining their blood sugar level at a normal range. And by that, they will be able to satisfy themselves to have a healthy and worry-free breakfast every day because the chart will constantly remind them what's healthy or not, just like a friend who always tells you what's bad and good. You can have this chart through the internet.

The bread glycemic index chart can be easy to use once you understand it. The numbers beside the bread name is their GI value and that value is derived by measuring the carbohydrate content of the bread served at 50mg each. You can eat those that have lower values since those will not affect your blood sugar, but you can still eat those in the medium and high category as long as you will only consumed at least 50 percent of its GI value. So, always consult the bread glycemic index chart before eating, this would really help you a lot.

There is another way to fully achieve your goal in having a normal blood sugar level and a healthy body and that is when you consider bread glycemic index chart along with the glycemic load. There are some foods that have low GI value but have high glycemic load. There is a study that shows that even if you are eating a low GI food, the glycemic load can be high. So if you think about having both of these tools, it could really change your life and what's best is that they're both free in the internet.

If you are diabetic, there is no need to worry about eating bread anymore. Here is something that might interest you; tortillas, pita bread and burger bun are good sources of whole wheat which have a lot of fibers that could help you to have a good bowel movement, digestion and most importantly a normal and stable blood sugar level. So by that, you can now enjoy your bread without any guilt and worries.

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