Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vitamin Supplements Are A Quick And Convenient Way Of Protecting Your Health When You're Busy

By Wilmar J. Ramsey

If you've ever had suspicions about whether you're eating the right kind of food to support a healthy lifestyle, it's probably a good idea to start thinking about vitamin supplements. When you were growing up, were you taking vitamin supplements but now you no longer do? Maybe, like so many of us you're just too pre-occupied to take the time to eat right. The temptation to fill up on fast food because you've got too much on your plate to prepare a proper meal is just too great to pass up.

Vitamin supplements are a perfect way, not to mention a quick and easy way, of ensuring that we really are getting the kinds of nutrients we may be missing out on due to what and how we eat. Our awareness of vitamins came about just a bit over a century ago and despite a small amount of controversy over how and when they should be used there's much more agreement about their importance to good health and who especially should be taking them.

Pregnancy is a demanding and an important period of time in a woman's life so there's no surprise that pregnant women are routinely prescribed a course of vitamin supplements. Women in their child bearing years can sometimes experience iron deficiency and may need iron supplements to make up for the loss of a vital mineral on a monthly basis. New born infants often get a Vitamin K injection to help with blood clotting. Breast feeding women and their infants may benefit from vitamin supplements to help both of them during times of increased nutrient needs. Other special cases include people taking prescription drugs that may inhibit the absorption of nutrients, people who smoke, alcoholics and older people with weakened immunes systems. Of course, there are those of us who can't take the time and that's perhaps the largest special group of all.

Many of us are older than 30 have probably heard how vitamins can help keep us safe from major ailments like cancer and heart attacks. Some of the experts advocating a vitamin regimen for these types of serious illnesses have recommended mega doses as a way of dealing with them. There's still disagreement about the benefits of mega dosing but there's much more agreement about the general advantages derived from vitamins. They are absolutely indispensable to major bodily functions but it is also vitally clear that they work very effectively in small dosages. They are aptly named micro nutrients because we need only minuscule amounts for good health. In closing, it's important to note that vitamins come in two forms: the fat soluble types which are retained in the body for long periods of time and can build up to toxic levels and the water soluble types which the body releases any excess amounts not utilized.

Making any kind of decision that affects your health is important enough to consult a trained professional to help you get the most out of your decision for the sake of your health. He or she can help you plan out the best regimen and dosage schedule to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

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