Monday, October 17, 2011

The Four Body Types

By Bruno Marvs

Dr Eric Berg is a renowned practitioner in the field of medicine having conducted various scientific researches on nutrition, pain alleviation and the entire body losing weight. His several research programs have dedicated to how to keep fit by dropping some pounds.

It can be in this connection he discovered, and published, that there are four different body shapes that humans have. They're mainly affected by the manner in which each person are likely to accumulate and deposit fats. These body types are highlighted below.

* Lower sagging Reported by Dr Eric berg, this body type can be found within and round the belly. This body shape mostly arises as a result of sugars. Most sugars are adrenal and thus convert the bodies own proteins in to sugars. This hormone adrenaline also results in the actual conversion of glycogen, mainly stored sugar while in the liver and muscles. These sources of sugar then lead to the conversion of sugars into fats by insulin. Fat deposition inside latter zone makes this body type.

* High roll Dr Eric Berg investigated and surely could determine that it body type, which stretches throughout the stomach on the back, is due the stress quantity of a liver. A stressed liver will give the best roll girls and a potbelly as affecting men. However, of males the potbelly is normally caused by water weight and never fat. This body type can also be referred to as liver body shape.

* The saddlebag This can be a body type due to estrogen fat within the hip and thighs. As Dr Eric Berg stated, estrogen fat is fat layer under the skin. The hormone estrogen is principally associated with women since they have an overabundance of estrogen receptors and consequently more estrogen fat. This body shape is thus more established in women.

* Full body Dr Eric Berg asserts that individuals with this type of body shape are inclined to accumulate fats across their bodies. He learned that is was due to thyroid breakdown and therefore waste fluids are held throughout the body cells. This problem is called myxedema and could be a result of excess estrogen levels in the body.

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