Friday, October 14, 2011

Insanity The Asylum Workout Ushers The Workout Aficionado To The Next Stage Of Fitness

By Marcus Dodd

he thirty day sports-based Insanity the Asylum Workout is designed for the fit individuals who want to cross train their core to its potential. They are people who want to push the current limit on their stamina. Currently they may feel they have reached a plateau in their workouts and feel a need to move into the next level f their fitness program.

An exercise kit is mailed to the person who has decided to make the commitment to follow the Asylum program. They will receive a meal plan, an agility ladder, a jump rope and two bootie bands of varying elasticity for the resistance workouts. A meal plan is also included in the program. This thirty day program requires less than one hour daily and can be done in one's living room.

Carpeted surfaces tend to not provide as good a grip on the shoes as hard surfaces. It is preferable to find an area with no carpeting. When this is not possible the carpeted surface will not prevent one from working out but it might slow down the process.

It is understood that the seasoned workout person will already have reached a certain level of self discipline for reaching their goals. They need to mentally stick to the program for 30 days. The objective of the Insanity program is about getting better connected to the foundation of one's master control switch. The program is designed to help the person get to know themselves better by exerting themselves more.

This program must not be used by beginners who are not fit enough. Asylum will have you working every muscle in your body. This program consists of extreme cardio workouts with resistance and the uninitiated newbie will only risk doing harm to themself. It really works the core and that must already be developed. There is a money back guarantee ensuring that the participant who goes through the program will play their sport better or exercise better.

This workout program is unique. It is designed for self-motivators who have a strong sense of commitment and drive to improve their current level of fitness and performance. The Asylum system offers a continuation of other well known fitness workouts.

Insanity the Asylum Workout is a sports based workout program designed to be done at home in limited space like the living room or an available space in the bedroom. This is not for the beginner but for the fit person who wants to go to the next level in their fitness program. Athletes who participate in any sports activities will find that this program will enhance their performance.

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