Friday, October 28, 2011

Learn About Sauna Heaters: Smoke, Electric, and Infrared

By Aaron Lewandowski

Sauna heaters have had a lot of changes since the beginning of the therapeutic use of heat in decades past. Saunas have been around for around a hundred years, and as such have accumulated a variety of eccentric folk tales. The first kind of heaters were used in what are now exclusively called "smoke saunas," and consisted of heating a bunch of rocks up by burning wood in the room near the rocks for many hours, and before use simply opening a vent in the sauna to air most of the worst of the smoke out.

Later, after the period of history known as the industrial revolution had began individuals started using steel hearths equipped with a chimney to enable the smoke to escape all the while trapping heat within rocks, which could then be splashed with warm water to produce hot steam and rapidly transfer heat from the rocks into the air. The use of these metal hearths enabled individuals to quickly increase the temperature of saunas without the necessary evil of excessive smoke inhalation.

The electric sauna heater was not introduced until the 1950s. Since then another variety of sauna heater has also branched from the ordinary electric heater, and that is the far infrared sauna heater. These types of sauna heaters emit infrared or far infrared spectrum wave forms and, in lieu of heating the air, heat the human body directly through contact with these wave forms.

One of the numerous benefits of infrared sauna heaters is that they don't necessarily require as much space as the older style electrical heaters. Indeed, instead of all of the heat coming from one big central unit, infrared can be emitted from the really thin panels placed into the walls of the sauna structure. Infrared sauna panels are also significantly safer and greatly reduce the likeliness of fire.

It's truly important to remember that despite the fact that saunas are a fantastic way to relieve anxiety they may, in some circumstances, be potentially hazardous. Always make sure to drink a copious volume of water, and whenever possible make sure to use saunas only with some sort of friend. If you do sauna with some sort of partner this virtually eliminates a lot of the inherent risk of losing consciousness due to heat very real stress, because if such an incident were to arise they would then be available to take you to a cooler, safer environment and notify an emergency number if necessary.

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