Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's Preventing you from Losing Weight?

By Della Johns

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Losing weight can be hard, but there are also many other reasons why it is proving to be difficult for you. For some people, it's a simple matter of will power. For others, they may be choosing the wrong diet or exercise program. A medical issue could also be the cause for some other people. What follows are some common factors that prevent many people from losing weight. If you can identify what's stopping you, it's easier to start making progress.

If you want to lose weight, you must know the importance of the timing of your meals as well as the quality and quantity of the food that you eat. Skipping breakfast as a way of cutting back on the calories is one of the most common mistakes most dieters make. It is said that if you eat less during breakfast, you are most likely to eat more during the day, so it is always advisable to eat a large meal during breakfast. On the other hand, late in the evening is the very worst time to eat. You should avoid eating your meals three hours before going to bed because the later in the day you eat, the more difficult it will be for your body to burn off the calories.

According to a research, non-alcoholics find it difficult to lose weight than those who are alcohol drinkers. Of course, drinking heavily can cause many health problems, including obesity, so you have to be careful to limit your intake of alcoholic beverages.

Although there are a lot of resources about the dos and don'ts of eating to lose weight, there is no clear evidence whether increasing carbohydrate intake can result to problems. This is particularly true of foods that are high in processed carbs like white flour, which is the main ingredient used in pastas and breads.

Drinking a glass of wine with dinner can provide you with numerous benefits. If you're not into alcohol, there are still other options such as supplements or grape juice containing Resveratrol.

As highlighted in this article, you fail to lose weight because of a variety of reasons. It can be very challenging to discover the obstacles, but you can get through them with persistence. If you have that certain degree of will power in you and you focus on the right factors, for sure your hard work will not go to waste.

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