Monday, October 3, 2011

Stay healthy with paleo diet

By Paul Perra

It has now been proved with the help of several studies that mankind survived for over a million years purely on the food found in nature.The concept of paleo diet focuses on similar aspects - it is time for humans to rely again on naturally available food for daily nutrition requirements. Processed and high calorie foodstuffs that have become a part of our routine diet should be strongly avoided.Today, diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problems etc. are on the rampage, and many physicians and nutrition experts acknowledge them to unhealthy food consumption.Natural food typically refers to red meat, eggs, fruits, and other foodstuffs rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Today, the concept of being fit and eating healthy is assuming greater focus.This has led to many diet programs that are custom designed to focus on Paleolithic diet and paleo recipes.Early mankind clearly relied on what nature had to offer him, and did not possess a detailed know how of agriculture or food processing.However, a person opting for paleo diet need not follow the same practices that humans practiced more than a millennia back.We can definitely cook some form of foods to meet our nutrition and taste requirements, but the natural aspect of the diet should not get destroyed.

Our early ancestors used to live in caves, and hence paleo diet is also referred to as caveman diet.Following paleo diet strictly ensures that a person is not exposed to junk or unhealthy and processed food stuffs that he or she should be avoiding at all costs.The notion that paleo diet is choice less or completely tasteless is completely wrong.People who have taken advantage of paleo diet have found it very tasty, and also nature has multiple varieties to offer.Paleo diet also seeks to eliminate use of excessive sugar, grains, vegetable oils and a large horde of processed dairy products that we use on a day to day basis.

Our ancestors relied completely on natural food, so it is more than likely that the same food is more suited to our body organization and genes. This is a concept that many paleo diet experts are trying to bring to light.Paleo diet is about developing a healthy body with natural components, not about losing calories or achieving a specific diet based goal.

Paleo recipes are dependent on naturally available food, and hence are simple to cook.A pan full of stir fried vegetables can constitute a paleo diet.You can easily prepare a tasty paleo dish by using chicken with butter and garlic paste with minimal cooking and no baking.

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