Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When To Consider Bariatric Surgery St Louis

By Marquita Barrett

There are thousands of morbidly obese individuals in the United States who have health problems due to their weight problems. When individuals need to lose weight, they can be a candidate for bariatric surgery St Louis. Individuals will talk to their surgeon about the procedure, and what benefits they will see after the procedure.

This procedure is designed to shrink people's stomachs. Their stomachs will hold a couple of ounces of food or liquid at a time. This will help shrink the rest of their stomach if it is constricted with a band, or if it is stapled.

Once the procedure is complete, people will start to lose weight within the first week. They can only eat so much, and if they eat too much, they will get sick. They will eat smaller healthy meals throughout the day to lose the weight.

Individuals who have lost over one hundred pounds will notice subtle changes in their health. They will have more energy, and some of their illnesses could be reversed. People who had to take insulin for their diabetes when they were overweight, no longer need it when they are at a healthy weight.

Patients who think they are good candidates for the procedure usually have a body mass index of forty or more. Men must have over one hundred pounds, and females over seventy pounds to be considered for the procedure. People need to understand that they will be changing their entire life when they go through with the procedure.

When morbidly obese people want to make a change in their lives, they will ask a surgeon about bariatric surgery St Louis. This will help them safely and effectively reduce their weight. There are many health benefits when people decide to have the procedure done.

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