Saturday, October 1, 2011

Move That Body!

By William Smith

Exercise is the closest thing to a 'magic bullet' for staying healthy, flexible, and maintaining youth. To be in tip top shape, exercise should go together with a proper diet.

Almost 300,000 deaths occur in the United States a year due to inactivity and poor dietary habits. Numerous researches have been conducted on exercise's influence on a person's well-being. Reports indicate that for every ten grown-ups, four tell that never do they join in any activities that require being active like exercise, sports and outdoor hobbies during their spare time. The United States of America predicted that health care costs would reach a huge amount of 75 billion dollars in 2000 because of people with inactive lifestyles.

Better digestion and body excretion, more resilience, a leaner body, lower levels of bad cholesterol and higher levels of good cholesterol, reduced anxiety levels are what we profit from doing frequent exercises. All the negative aspects that usually cause sicknesses and ailments are reduced.Studies have shown that in addition to the physical benefits, regular exercise also promotes mental well-being, elevates mood, and reduces depression. Blood sugar levels are maintained so diabetes is controlled, bone density is increased, the risk of getting cancer is reduced, and the body's defense system is enhanced, all these benefits are due to exercising frequently.

The published journal of the American Medical Association indicated that an unfit person gets the same risk as smokers do, while he is at more risk than those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or overweight. A lazy person although able-bodied and doesn't smoke can be outlived by a person who smokes, who is rather healthy but has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This is in addition to what the journal elaborated.

In just ten weeks, moderate fitness can be achieved. Several forms of exercise are walking, bicycling, gardening, swimming and yoga. The diversity of exercises enables you to focus on that particular part/system of your body that needs attending to.Aerobic exercise improves the body's use of fuel and oxygen benefiting the cardiovascular system. If you can carry on for 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, it is enough to have a positive effect on your blood pressure and heart.Range of motion exercises helps maintain the body's joints by using range of motion. Strength exercises focus on the muscles of the body.

Some of the most common reasons for not exercising are don't have the time, cost of equipment or gym membership, exercising alone outdoors with concern of personal safety, bad weather or poor nighttime lighting.

There are means to establish a satisfactory regular workout in your own home. You can even add equipments for home exercise from a varied selection that can amplify the effects of your workout such as resistant equipment, step machines, floor equipments such as peddlers, balance balls and trainers, weights and yoga items.

Now, the rest is up to you - get out there and move that body!

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