Friday, October 7, 2011

Your Prehistoric Ancestor Would Not Recognize What We Eat As Food

By Brandon Sharp

Sadly, our prehistoric ancestors would not recognize the boxed pastas, the bags of chips, cheese puffs, and other snack foods as anything he would want to eat.

Today it is so easy to grab prepackaged and precooked foods, mainly because the pace of life is so accelerated that there's just no time to cook, but the preparation of Paleo meals can be simplifies, yet varied, healthy and delicious. Can you believe that today, the average American eats 31 percent more processed and packaged foods than fresh foods?

What is the price we are willing to pay for the convenience rather than the health quality of our diets? While opting for convenience, we tend to ignore the artificial additives, flavorings, and coloring that are attached to those convenient foods.

Many nutritionists think it's our very health. Are they exaggerating, trying to scare us into a different diet? Or are they prophets warning us to repent and clean up our dietary act?

Continuously mounting research indicates that we may want to pay attention instead of simply dismissing the warnings as merely "crying wolf".

Let's just take one example, that of refined white sugar -- not even available to your prehistoric ancestor. Today, it appears to be a staple of the American diet. Think I'm exaggerating? Just read the following statistic. It'll get you thinking a little deeper about how we eat.

The typical American eats, (now get this!) between two to three pounds of sugar per week. In the last decade, a short 10 years, the ingestion of refined sugar has increased from approximately 26 pounds per person every year to a whopping 135! Sadly, most of us don't even know that we're consuming so much sugar.

And that's only one donor to our current diet. Multiply these by all the other foods and additives, and it's no wonder we have a nation of heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer sufferers!

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